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The Help That We Provide in Billings, MT

In my counseling practice, I offer a full range of services to help you have a happy and fulfilling life. As a licensed addiction counselor and a licensed clinical professional counselor, I have what it takes to help you with your addiction issues as well as co-occurring disorders.


When we meet for individual sessions, I develop a treatment plan to best approach the mental health issues with which you are struggling. We then work together to help you become better adjusted. I specialize in helping people with anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, PTSD, behavioral disorders and more. My goal is to help you to get better so you can have a more rewarding life.

Human Relations Counseling

Improving people's interpersonal relationships and interactions can go a long way in helping them to live more fulfilling lives and progress through their careers. I work with you to help you with your relationship issues so you can more effectively handle them.

Addiction Counseling

Many people who have substance abuse issues use drugs to cover up other problems. By treating both your addiction and any underlying mental health problems, I can help you by treating everything together. As a licensed addiction counselor, I understand the struggles people go through as they try to recover from alcohol or drug abuse.

Depression Counseling

Studies have clearly shown that people who are depressed are more likely to recover fully if they both take antidepressants and attend regular therapy. Medication alone is often not sufficient to treat depression. It is a disease that requires help as your brain's biochemistry slowly gets back on track. I will be there to help you every step of the way.

Behavioral Disorders Counseling

Behavioral disorders may be especially prevalent in children who are struggling with traumatic or stressful things that have occurred in their lives. They may act out and have additional problems in school and in getting along with their peers. I am able to help them identify the problems with which they are struggling and to learn more positive ways to address them.

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