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Shila Johnson, LAC, LCPC, NCC - Counseling Service in Billings, MT
I have a decade of experience working in the mental health field and experience providing addiction counseling. I am both a licensed addiction counselor and a licensed clinical professional counselor in Billings, Montana. I treat school-aged children (6-10) up through adults.

Child Counseling

In the children's portion of my practice, I treat children ages 6 and up. I understand that children process information differently and have different needs than older people do. Adolescents and teenagers may have addiction and anger issues in addition to their other struggles, and I am able to help them learn how to manage their feelings more effectively. As concrete operational thinkers, preteens and tweens need to have information presented to them in a compassionate, concrete and straightforward way. I am dedicated to helping my child clients so they can grow up to have successful and rewarding lives.

Individual Counseling

I offer one-on-one counseling to adults as well as children. Often, people do best when they receive a combination of individual and group counseling for both their mental health and addiction needs.

Group Therapy

Group counseling sessions are helpful because participants are able to provide support to one another. In treatment groups, people are able to learn what has worked or is working for others. Group members also help to hold each other accountable so everyone has a better chance to stay on the road to recovery and health.